Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Journalistic Integrity

I had to take a very close second look at my JoongAng paper today. I was afraid that I picked up North Korea's Rohdong Shinmun. Two things stuck out like sore thumbs.

First was this fawning obit of NK's Kim Yong-sum . One of Mr. Kim's duties was handling affairs with South Korea. This singular piece pretty much sums up my frustration with South Korea on the issue of NK. The article is a gushing orgy of good feelings towards the man. Nowhere in the article does it mention he organized (or at least turned a blind eye to) international blackmail, kidnappings, assignation attempts, airliner bombings, and the general oppression and sickening behavior with North Korea itself.

These days I do not know what is more disgusting to me. The behavior of North Korea, or the multitudes of South Koreans have turned their backs on their true brothers, the people of Norht Korea, in order to get warm fuzzies from the thugs in power. Its just literally sickening to me to read pieces like this in a South Korean paper, or seeing South Korea giving more and more aid to the North.

On a lighter side, the JoongAng not only has the same propaganda as the Rohdong Shinmum, but the same hypocracy and double talk. On one page of my paper is this glossy endorsement of the BMW 530i . By my estmate Ms. Cho, the author, problay netted about 300,000 won from the Beammer people for her effort. I turned the page away from Ms. Cho's paid literary orgasm over her stickshift, to the opinon page. The headline for the op-ed page was hilariously and hypocraticly entited "The Cycle of Corruption Must End". Is it just me or is it double-over-laughing-rolling-in-the-streets hilarious that as a courrpt group of people like Korean newspaper men think they can take the moral highground all of a sudden?

Say it with me this time, "Korea puts the K in Kwality" Since when does a Hyundai Tiburon qualify as "Race Car" anyway?


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