Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Korean Food Footnote

Having fun with my camera phone, and supporting my point I want to show off the following examples of forgien food as a threat:

The above is an advertisment against over consumption of booze. Note the use of the wine bottle. Also, unseen in this photo, is the use of a glass of wine for the logo for this campagin. Meanwhile wine consumption accounts for less than one percent of all alcohol.

The above did not turn out too well, however it is another public service advertisment. This is a campagin against wasting food. Note the "waste" in this ad is half eaten western foods.

What is really telling about these ads is not the content. What is important to note is that both ads are produced and paid for by the Korean Govrenment. One has to wonder if the true goal implcit rather than explicit.

Another ancedote of intrest. A year or two ago the Korean govrenment wanted to crack down on food waste. They passed a law against excessive meal spreads. The target was the proliferation of pacheon (side dishes) at resturants. Many laid out a big spread of these, only throw out most of them. However they made a loophole that if a resturant was a "traditional Korean" one they would be exempt from the law (who are actualy the biggest abusers of such tactics). So now the consumption law only applies to the evil forgien resturants.


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