Thursday, January 12, 2006

Arn't I so special!

I do not know if I am just in bad mood this morning, or "the stupids" are made the rounds in Korea yesterday. Apparently Korean President Roh Moo-hyun thought the best way to encourage everyone was through an email:

"Let’s dramatically boost the competitiveness of the government"

Exactly which other government in South Korea is Roh's government competing with?

"[Let's] establish many examples regarding innovation so that the world can learn from us. Let’s enhance our national image so that the world can perceive Korea as a ‘nation in the vanguard of innovation.’”

"Examples regarding innovation"? "Nation in the vanguard of innovation"? I suggest the blue house (or the Dong-A) get a new translator/editor team first. Other than that pithy comment, one would think the post "Hwang" era, one would make a point of the necessity of HONESTLY enhancing the national image.

“I have just finished a book, ‘Jangseong County Inc.’"

Wow! A whole book! Were there nice pictures? Did you get help?

"The book taught me that people can change the world, and education can change people."

A leader recommending little books saying how people can change the world and education can change people...hmmm...where have I heard that before?

"This made me reflect on ourselves if we had not underestimated the important role of education in pursuing innovation, and if we could have done more to create the right environment where more Koreans can participate in the pursuit.”

"The pursuit"? The Pursuit of what, "education" or "innovation"? and for that matter what is this "we could have done" bit? Is it not in the past, and you want to talk about the future? For that matter Roh, instead of moping about the issue, what are you, as a leader, going to do to change it?

I also politely recommend that Roh read his countries own newspaper to learn the perils of creating an environment where the pursuit of innovation is more important than the pursuit of truth. Incidentally you, do you think society leaders glowering over innovation without mentioning honest would have anything to do with creating such an environment?

So lets summarize the message "Your leader read a book, now you should innovate more!" Great way to set an example!


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