Saturday, January 07, 2006

Korean Protest World Tour

I feel a bit guilty about this, but I find the situation in Hong Kong very amusing. The Korean farm protesters are using their carefully planned script for what to do in this situation, and the the Hong Kong police with its Anglo-Chinese pedigree does not know or care. Its like a child trowing a temper tantrum, doing all the things that usualy gets instat action and attention from his parents, and the babysitter watching says "Go ahead, hold your breath. Your not my kid. I don't care!" The only thing that would make it better is if the Hong Kong babysitters egged them on "You call that holding your breath?" or "Wait for me to get the clothespin to help you."

I know there are reasons for this script and the "protest culture" outlook, but this is one of those things that a Korean friend of mine once looked at and commented "somethings are just wrong". Just like the rest of the unwashed-mass of protesters the Korean farmers do not realize they do themselves more harm than good by rioting on the world stage. In a recent poll, Hong Kong citizens were asked who was the person of the year. Perhaps with the incident fresh in their mind, 30% said the Korean farmers were the person (people) of the year. This may seem good, until you find out the Hong Kong riot police got 60% for the way they handled the farmers.


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