Monday, January 16, 2006

Welcome to Dynamic Korea. DUCK!

There is much talk of the initiative to place names on riot police uniforms, and such has spawned various other measures to cut down on violent protests. I would like to introduce an idea that has captivated me for a while to cut down on these things, promote it as an extreme tourist attraction. That right I recommend "Celebrating Korea's Protest Culture".

Think about the tour, Day one you visit the riot police academy for simulated training and breifing into common protester tactics (poles, slingshots, Molotov's, improvised firearms, etc.). The next day you take a tour around downtown Seoul seeing not only the traditional sites, but all the scattered protests in the city that day. This tour culminates in getting your head shaved in protest. On day three you get to sit on on planning sessions by one of the various groups to organize turn-out, transportation, and organize the protest inspirational speakers (there's a circuit don't you know). Day Three highlights include learning to sing all 3+ verses of "Fucking USA" out of one side of your mouth while saying the protest is not anti-american with the other side. All this culminated on day four with going to the one demonstration in Korea that will turn violent that day. Since these places are fixed normally, you will be placed in an observation post to see how the whole thing develops. Please note it is rude to toast marshmallows on the man who self-immolates himself in the protest that day.

Lets turn this into an asset Korea! Think of all the fun new programing on Arirang! Think of "Let's learn Korean by writing in blood!"


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