Thursday, July 20, 2006

More proof against the conspiracy

I have always had a good laugh of all the "conspiracies" in the world. In fact I was a little confused when my girlfriend at the time stated with a straight face that JFK was a serious movie. Why? It is my firm belief that my govrenment is much to imcompteant to pull off anyting like that (and bless be to God for that!). The latest proof comes from the Patent Prospector Blog:

Today's intra-patent office news: "Because of technical difficulties with our software program, today's web chat on telecommuting programs with Under Secretary Dudas was suspended." Over 300 people had logged in for today's chat.

As reported by an anonymous patent office worker: "Dudas planned an online discussion to talk about the new telecommuting/hoteling program at the PTO. However, one has to wonder when a program designed to allow examiners to work online hundreds of miles away from the office is being sponsored by an agency that cannot manage an online discussion between five different office buildings on the same block."


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