Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Spot the Idiot

There is a dialogue that is getting humorous to me. Many people complain about a  Korean movie "The Host" because it some how got placed on many screens across the nation for its opening run. Some are complaining on how this has crowded out "art house" movies. Similar complaints are made outside Korea all the time. There is added humor to the fact that recently the US got Korea to cut its screen-quota for US movies shown in Korea. The humor is now these smaller movies are being crowed out not by Hollywood, but by other Korean movies.

There's an article about the issue in the JoongAng Ilbo, which I would like to quote:

theaters that play small independent films continue to see heavy losses. After Core Art Hall was closed down in 2004, its affiliate chain, Cine Core, which played a mix of non-mainstream foreign films and independent Korean films, closed down in June due to financial difficulties....CGV, a multiplex chain run by CJ Entertainment, is currently operating "indie screens" in four locations, setting aside screens with 90 to 178 seats apiece to play Korean independent films. The company said, however, that it has lost an estimated 1 billion won ($1 million) annually and that the audiences for the independent films will be half the average occupancy of that for blockbusters....Currently, six arthouse theaters nationwide are partly funded by the Korea Film Council, which is affiliated with the Culture Ministry. But even with the support most theaters suffer major losses, according to Kim Bo-yeon, an official at the Korean Film Council.

OK so "art house" films number wise are a financial disaster for the theaters. Nobody really goes to see them. At the end of the article we get this gem:

"We know the audience for arthouse films is still there," said Song Il-gon, the independent film director of "Magicians.

Spot the Idiot!


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