Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Another "program"

The Chosun reports another Korean government agency is offering a piracy reward program, this time done by the Korean Fair Commission. What I wonder is if this is just more press about a program, some what neglected, by the Customs Service which has also been co-opted by the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

No matter the former or the latter, due to details I am sure it will falter. I discussed the program with a few, and found out the reward is only given if the pirates are successfully prosecuted. Unfortunately successful criminal cases in these situations are rare due the normal level of interest by the rights holder, and the aversion in Korea for aggressive action (such as filing a criminal complaint). And as a last little kiss of death, I never got a clear answer about the reward. Technically its linked (at least in the former) with the value of the pirated goods seized, however I never got a clear answer if it was based on the projected value if the products were real, the "street" value of the fakes, or the value of the products if they were sold without infringing marks.

If anybody can clarify please do. I could make a good secondary income.


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