Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Odd Insults

I have been mulling over a comment made a while ago. A few months ago while my wife was still pregnant, My wife, her sister, and I had an argument (Long story why, but some of you can guess the subject). In the heat of the argument my sister-in-law said something that made me burst out laughing because of its sureal quality. She said (oddly in english), "Ya' know I hope your baby looks like me!", and stormed off.

I started to sport a puzzled look, and then burst into laughter. As my in-law stormed off in a huff, I asked my wife about the comment. She explained a Korean superstion that held that a baby will look like whoever the wife is mad at during the pregnancy. Which makes me wonder, when Korean say, "Your baby looks just like you!", is it a complement, an insult, or a sign me and the wife need marital counseling.

To add to the Korean mother-in-law file, I got a new request for my wife "Can you wear a t-shirt when you go to bed". Apparently when my mother-in-law barges into our apartment without warning or invitation in the morning, she is uncomfortable that when she opens the door, I am drinking coffee in just my PJ bottoms. I am considering starting to sleep naked just to piss her off further.


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