Saturday, December 31, 2005

Only in Korea!

From an article on Korea's protest culture:

"When the government pressures protesters to be submissive without listening to their voices, it will only lead to stronger resistance." Park Seok-jin, a member of the Sarangbang Group for Human Rights.

 "What's needed most for peaceful demonstrations is for the government to listen to the protesters." Kim Cheong-ju, commander of a Seoul riot police squad. 

In the same paper as the above are some of the voices of these protesters:

Chohung's labor union, which has demanded that the new bank name [from the combination of Shinhan and Chohung banks] include the word "Chohung," opposed the decision...Union leaders clashed with security guards as they tried to fight their way into the press conference...Chohung's labor union said on Tuesday that 88 percent of its members had voted in favor of a walkout if the bank's new name did not include the word "Chohung."

Perhaps what is needed is not more "listening" but more discussion over what is worth fighting for.


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