Friday, January 20, 2006

Another Apologist Makes Me Queasy

Why are there so many violent protests in Korea? Is it because protesters, like the "Hong Kong 11" find nothing wrong with attacking police with steel pipes, slingshots, and improvised firearms? Is it because of lax enforcement? Is it because elaborate protests and rallies are an excepted main stream form of political dialogue?

Why of course not silly! Its all the media's fault:

"Members of the panel mostly agreed that only peaceful rallies should have media spotlight, but not the violent ones,'' said [activist] Ham after the inaugural meeting of the panel [to promote peaceful rallies].

Again, I promote the opposite tact, promote this. Come up with tourist packages. Have a hour long daily protest round up on Government funded english language Arirang TV. Perhaps "Famous Activist" trading cards with stats like "In 2004 Pak was able to produce enough blood to use it to write a 150 page epic on how Dokdo is Korean land" or "Wields metal pipe right, throws molotov cocktails switch".


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