Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"At least the dressed well" Award II

The Central Radio Management Office (CRMO) Monday said it had seized 6,574 illegally-cloned handsets last year, roughly eight times more than 858 in 2004. ``Indeed, the number of cloned phones uncovered by us rose substantially last year. But that does not mean that phone cloning is exploding,’’ a CRMO official said

So you were lazy, negligent, or incompetent before?

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At January 17, 2006 6:52 PM, Blogger peterpad said...

as long as the Cf stuff is only headphones or similar things at least it doesnt hurt anybody physically ; when it comes down to CF pharmaceuticalls or food then it becomes life threatening;
main problem is to educate teh consumer that CF is a crime and not only hurts the brand owners and legal producers , but al the end reduces our quality of life


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