Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hotel Promotions

I know this is likely a paid article of some type. However the content is amusing. The article presents the "special winter packages" each hotel offers to guests. Only four hotels are included, which means only four was willing to pony up 300,000-400,000 (my estimate) for some Hankook Ilbo's editors fund to recover from excessive new years spending.

Anyway two amusing promotions:

Seoul Plaza Hotel

The hotel is preparing four types of winter packages, exuberantly categorized by the guests’ blood-types, which many Koreans playfully connect to one’s character or temperament. Each of the four packages _ standing for the blood-type O, A, AB and B _ will include several gifts that differ for each personality the blood-types stand for. 

For example, the sets for blood-types B, epitomizing active characters, will be offered rental coupons to access the ice rink in front of the city hall. The sets for blood-type O, epitomizing cheerful characters, will offer two steins of beer and a pizza at the hotel’s Plaza Pub.

Yes you read that right, its based on blood type. I say this to people outside the US that are visiting here. Blood type theories are taken seriously here, and have been even been known to break-up pending marriages. If you do not believe me, note how the hotel  automatically assumes that the couple saying are the same blood type.

Novotel Ambassador Gangnam

 If you are looking for a hotel package that offers good value for money, the Novotel Ambassador Gangnam hotel in Yoksam-dong, southern Seoul, is a good choice. The hotel will offer a special winter package through March 5 named the ``Titanic,’’ offering guests free tickets, worth 13,000 won, to attend the art exhibition ``Titanic’’ at the AT Center in the nearby Yangjae-dong. 

The package, priced at 175,000 won excluding tax and service charges, provides a one-night stay at the hotel’s Business Floor Room, free access to the hotel’s fitness club, swimming pool and sauna, free DVD rentals or access to pay-per-view television, and 10 percent discounts on the hotel’s food and beverages outlets.

You know, being the smart-ass I am, if I was ever to take that Novotel offer I would be calling down to the desk every ten minutes asking them to send up ice. Oh and by the way, contrary to what the "article" says this is not "a good value for the money". You can get almost the same rate from the Novotel website, and even lower rates on a few hotel room aggregator site.


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