Friday, January 20, 2006

What are you wearing under that robe?

remember reading about this a while ago, I am glad to see the chapter closed. The Korean Supreme Court upheld a ruling against a Korean dairy company that used "performance artists" to promote its brand. The publicity stunt as described by the Korea Times:

The dairy company held the performance in central Seoul, during which the three female models appeared wearing only a coating of wheat flour on their bodies. They then poured the yogurt over their bodies, which revealed their nudity. The drink was distributed to the audience as part of a sales promotion in 2003.

A slightly different version of the events appeared in the Chosun as a quote from the court ruling:

"The obscene act of young nude female models whose bodies are caked in wheat flour spraying each other with yogurt from vaporizers until the naked form underneath is revealed.”

One wonders what the court defines as "young" since the aforementioned Times article says one person involved was "A 37-year-old woman, identified as Park, who worked as a nude model in the promotion event."

In any case, court's statement on the law in the Chosun:

“The law defines ‘licentious or lascivious acts’ as behavior that stimulates the sexual desires of ordinary people and incites arousal"

So lets put the two above Chosun quotes together slightly differently:

"Young nude female models...caked in...flour...spraying each other with yogurt" "Simulates the sexual desires of ordinary people and incites arousal."

Wow! Kinky!


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