Thursday, February 02, 2006

More Trademark Football Fun

The Red Criers, I mean Red Devils, are complaining about the fact that SK Telecom is using people wearing Red in their World Cup themed ads. This is not a joke, here is a discription of the ad in the Korea Times:

Korea's largest mobile service operator has been publishing TV and newspaper advertisement in which a woman in a red t-shirt and a red hood cheers for the national football team in a crowd of red on a street, with a line that reads ``Now it begins once again. We are `Taehanminkuk (Republic of Korea)'''

They have a trademark on the color red? Have you ever heard a group more full of themselves. The leader of the group says in the same artcile they are a "niche marketer", what the hell are they marketing? 

Finally in a memo to the Korea Times, I do not think the SK ad qualifies as "ambush marketing", what are the ambushing?


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