Wednesday, June 28, 2006

High Quality Korean Fakes in Singapore

An online paper in Singapore published a story on the sale of fake luxury bags localy. Key quote:

The shop assistant explained that the bag is a 'grade A fake good'. 

Said to be made of high-quality leather, it looks and feels like the original. It was imported from South Korea, she said.

One of the interesting points here to the pedestrian is indeed there is a classification of fakes. It shows the maturity of the industry and the black market that trades off them. More over it shows what I have been concerned about for a while, as Korea's manufacturing base leaves for China you have some factories left hold the bag (no pun intended). Some of them may be turing to producing fakes to pay the bills. 

A while ago I was doing some research on Nike fakes. I found many "Nike" shoes sold here in Korea stamped "Made in Korea", the problem? Nike has little, if not no, shoe production in Korea anymore.


At June 28, 2006 9:31 PM, Anonymous dda said...

A long time ago I did some work with a luxury brand on counterfeiting. There was a Korean company, based in the Pusan area – I heard later their ads on the radio every time I went in the South-East of Korea – who would produce fake sunglasses. Officially, they *do* make sunglasses of their own – the company name translates loosely as Love of the Eyes – but of course their designs come straight out of Europe.

This luxury company has tried to close the fake factory for years, one of the main reason being that their production is very good. The CEO even went once to jail for a short while, but because it employs many people, closing it would send many people on the dole... A no go in Korea. Sad...


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