Wednesday, June 21, 2006

KCNA in the Blue House

I know the web is abuzz with the issue, but its funny how soon people for get. The South Korean government is currently mumbling something about a North Korean Satellite to be launched.  Such only makes me wonder, when did the Korean Central News Agency open up a bureau in the Blue House?

How can one not remember the famous claims of the North of the last missile test that it launched a satellite into space:

Pentagon officials say they are "highly skeptical" of claims by North Korea that it successfully launched a satellite into space, but one U.S. intelligence official tells CNN, "We can't rule that out."

 On Monday, North Korea fired a missile that crossed over Japanese territory, alarming Washington and Tokyo. Both U.S. and Japanese officials said the device was a Taepo Dong medium-range ballistic missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

What is troubling to me in this is the South seems to be crossing the line from being an apologist to a collaborator. Expect North Korea to crow about another satellite launch if they do fire off another missile.


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