Saturday, August 05, 2006

Busted Builders

Apparently Isu Construction and Engineering did not pay off the right people. A number of people related to the company and construction unions were indicted mainly based activites related to their compliance and business practices in response to the "City and Living Quarters Improvement Act". As the Dong-Ah helpfully explains:

The “City and Living Quarters Improvement Act” was initiated in July 2003, forcing unions to select the construction company in charge of the project after receiving authorization for the project in hopes of rooting out bribery between the construction company and union. 

So indictments for corruption arising from changes because of anti-corruption act. Satire never gets any better, oh wait this is real.

Among the actions is this curious little thing:

This group is known to have received four boxes with money tallying 1.0 billion won in an alley and drove off with the money in the trunk.

Reminds me of one of the political bribery scandals a few years ago. Allegedly somebody gave a bribe of, say, 500 million won in cash to a politician with the driver as the bagman. When confronted the driver said "I could have never recived that bribe because 500 million won could never fit in the trunk of the car!". The prosecutors office then went to determine how much cash the driver could hold in the trunk. What really disturbed me is everyone missed the bigger question "How the heck can the driver ALREADY KNOW how much cash can fit in his trunk?"

Perhaps Hyundai should start selling its Grandure's ,and other "luxury" cars, based on their trunk cash capacity.


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