Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Frozen Babies an Trade Secret Matter?

Thanks to DDA, I was able to read his translation of a Le Figaro piece on the frozen French kids that involved trade secrets. Wow! Thats an odd sentance ain't it? The things that go on in Korea I tell you...

To recap the story so far. A French man who works for a US auto parts company (unknown at this time exactly which) came home to Seoul from vacation in France in late July for an emergency meeting. While putting away a load of halibut, he found two frozen babies in his freezer. He reported the matter, and returned to France. DNA tests then reveild that the parents of the frozen kids were none other than the Frenchman and his wife. Meanwhile the couple stayed in France with no intention to return to Korea, thus exasperating the Korean police from solving case let alone charging them for the murders.

The (alleged) father of the babies, Mr. Courjault,  has this Oliver Stone worth quote in the Le Figaro:

Even a plot with industrial motivations can’t be excluded, says J.L. Courjault. Employed by the local branch of an American automotive equipment company, in charge of technology transfers, in a very competitive market, this engineer could have been framed. Moreover, he adds, my unscheduled return to Korea could have interrupted someone, involved in something.” A set of keys is said to have disappeared during their absence.

Sounds like an elephant in pate feuiletee, lots of absurd layers and odd French names.


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