Tuesday, August 15, 2006

If you do not mind, I want a second opinion

Writing a piece in the Joongang Ilbo the always "blond", but
engaging, fashion editor Inez Cho gives some amusing information on
checking for real luxury goods after the "Vincnet and Co." scandal :

7. To check an international fashion designer's label, go to
www.style.com and verify the collection.

So I go to style, it's all in English. Fine for me, but I wanted to
probe more. So I notice that it's a site owned by Conde Nast
Publications. One of their publications is Vogue, which is licensed
by the Joognang Ilbo for a Korean version.

So I try to search "Vincent and Co." on the Korean Vogue site, cannot
find out how to do it. So I go to Google and use their more advanced tools, and find a reference on the Vogue site. Apparently its downfor the moment, but Google does provide a cached version. Guess what magazine that Ms. Cho implicitly gives as a source for truth wrote lavish things about the fake watches?


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