Saturday, August 12, 2006

Konglish Alert

As I have worked in high tech in Korea I have heard some of the worst Konglish ever devised. Things like "World Best Total Solution" is not a joke, but a slogan I had to talk somebody out of. Another form of abuse are terms like B2B (business to business) that fell out of western business lexicon in about 1992. Such does not matter here, and even worse is they way the jargon/Konglish has expanded. You can find constant references to B2B, B2C, G2B, G2C, C2G,...well you get the idea. Well lets give a warm welcome to the newest Konglish....G4F!

Note: I do not mean to demean the cite or the concept, in fact I applaud it. Its just another slaughter of English done to impress a 50 year old manager's sensibilities of what is "fashionable". For a better idea, just consider that great city slogan, "Hi! Seoul"


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