Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tipping your hand

I just want to note an inadvertently funny quotes from a Dong-Ah op-ed. The article is one of these "mediative" pieces. You who read Korean newspapers (no matter the language) know what I mean. Its one of the winding pieces using 1000 words crafted into three sentences with 15 clauses each to say something that a normal person would use a five word simple sentence for. Worse, the actual theme is normally something so trite that the conclusion is an anti-climatic non-sequitur.

Anyway par for this genre is a opening refrencee to some "literary work" (in this case a movie so you can see why its in quotes). Also par is the author showing off how much english they may know. Normaly this is done through multi-syllable words placed like a puppy poops in the center of the living room thinking its keystone to their entire life so far.  This time though the poop is a tortured idiom:

Sachs is shocked to find out that Emily, a senior personal assistant, holds her water for hours just because she is afraid of missing a call from Miranda.

Can Emily hold my water some time? How much does she charge?



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