Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Not your father's seller of Crest and Tide

A delightful oversight on the Chosun Ilbo reminds me why I love the global economy:

The lesser-spotted Japanese cosmetics brand SK-II is at the center of controversy in Korea and China after Chinese authorities said they detected the heavy metals chrome and neodymium in some products by P&G Japan.

P&G Japan? P&G? Why does that ring a bell? Thats right kids, its Procter and Gamble's Japan division. I love the fact that not only the Korean press does not correctly identify the overall parent, but also the company does nothing to clarify its pedigree. Granted Tokyo sounds more of a beauty and fashion center than Cincinnati.

Incidentally ever wonder about the name?:

Amid the controversy, some were confused about the name and thought the cosmetics were made by an affiliate of Korea’s SK Group. But there is no relation between the two. In the coined name SK-II, “SK” means a “secret key” to clean and clear skin, and “II” means a tradition older than 20 years, the firm explains.

"II" is a tradition older than 20 years? Does this mean ten years ago the stuff was called SK-I? and twenty simply "SK"? Does global marketing in the 'natti know about this?


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