Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Canada Sites Korea as Fake Cigarette Exporter

I have commented quite a few times on fake cigarettes in Korea, the last time being here. Apprently the Royal Canadian Mounted Police finds Korea to be a major link in the logistics chain for fake cigarettes into Canada. Seems like the Korean Customs Serive needs to try harder at the ports.                                                                            

Anyway what he artice really reminds me of was a question I got from somebody, "Do you have some grudging respect for counterfeiters and the lenghts they go to?". Hard to have any respect when you read things like this:                                                       

Contraband cigarettes and tobacco that were seized in B.C. were found to have insect eggs, dead flies, mold, and even human feces! RCMP labs have been testing counterfeit and smuggled cigarettes that were seized in 2006, also found some cigarettes that were entirely stuffed with tobacco stems...Between 2003 and 2006, there has been 1,302 cigarette seizures which totals more than 177 million cartons, according to Canada Border Services Agency. The total value of those seizures was more than 32 million dollars. Typically illegal cigarettes enter B.C. via ports with China, Korea, and India as the major exporters.

Reminds me of the old line, "You got watch out what's in those things. They'll kill 'ya"


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