Tuesday, July 17, 2007

LG plays the victim card on Hitatchi

Again, I am a bit late in posting this, but LG recently sued Hitachi in response to the Japanese firm's original suit in April. What caught my eye is a line that would make just about any expat groan:

"Japanese firms are filing more and more lawsuits as competition in the global display market increases dramatically," Lee Jeong-hwan, manager of LG's intellectual property centre, told the Korea Herald.

Once again Korea are under attack from the Japanese. Cheap move LG, cheap.

To make it even worse is this rather quizzical report in the Joong-ang Ilbo via Yonhap:

The fact Hitachi sued first leads me to believe that they are the ones who value their patents more highly. Yet note the question from the Korean press (and perhaps LG) is not "IF" they will receive compensation from Hitachi, but "HOW MUCH". This is just too rich.


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