Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pernod Ricard fights Korean Counterfeiting and Adulteration

The Korea Times mentions a new way Jinro Ballentines, Pernod's local unit, is trying to fight counterfeits and adulterations in their brand "Imperial", one of the leading local "Scotch" brands:

In particular, the new Imperial presents a different kind of "product guarantee'' device, called OK Mark (Original Keeper Mark), in addition to its famous ``Keeper Cap.''

When the laser-printed four-digit number on the cap and cap sealer of each bottle matches the last four digits of the 10-digit product code on the label, the bottle is guaranteed to be genuine Imperial, according to Jinro Ballantines.

What is interesting here is "Imperial" is a pretty local brand, it is not exported to my knowledge. I am surprised the specific label has attracted counterfeiters (rather than the flagship and higher margin "Ballentines").


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