Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Responce to an Anti-American

I have my first piece of email I want to comment to. In my last post a few weeks ago, I explained my theory that Japan's new found aggressive foreign policy and increasing militarization (for lack of better words) grew partly out of South Korea's wavering support of the United States. From this I got a post/email from Mr. Shin Jong-il.

Since I do not know his reading schedule, I decided to respond in this fourm. I hope you see this Mr. Shin. I want to respond to a few points of his:

"You keep telling korea how unappreciative she is, well, let's see you give a demonstration on how to show some appreciation, my friend."

Very well, my friend, I will point to the following appreciation:

  • 30,000 US troops in Korea to protect your right to spit at them and burn their flag.
  • 33,651, and counting, American men and women that gave their life to protect you from your "peaceful brothers"
  • US$1,000,000,000,000, in '97 dollars, quick estimate of total US aid to South Korea 1953-88 (CBO Report)
  • And lets not even begin to talk about the economic trade, nor how the use of billions of the US's own money was used to steal US jobs as some view.

How have you shown your appreation Mr. Shin?

"my suspicion is that you will never see korea as an equal no matter what she does"

Thank you Mr. Shin for answering the rhetorical question in my headline "Is Korea in a vacuum?" The post had nothing to do with "seeing Korea as an equal" in any sense, it is you that brought up that issue. I was thinking more along the lines of Korea's moves to be more "independent" and what effects that had on the larger regional security situation in Asia, and in turn how that comes back to haunt Korea. However, you want to be alone in your ignorant blissful vacuum and think the post was simply about how Korea has been "done wrong".

I also do not share with you your contradiction, "you like japan...because [they] do whatever the us [sic] tells her to do. But...you turn on her too since they must one day grow a backbone." Japan and the US have a shared view of the world, and common thoughts on how to adapt to that world. Whether I like it or not, that is the reality. And you conflict is in the fact that, as you, many, and I have noted, that the US is encouraging by silence Japan growing a backbone and taking a larger role in forgiven affairs.

Once again you can't see much of this since you like your vacuum so much, and like to think the world is a black-and-white powerful vs. strong game. Where in fact now a days in geo-politics every country has certain levers to pull. Even some of the most decrepit countries in the world can attempt to have some power (witness North Korea for one). Things are relative and dynamic.

Finally you note, "south korea is looking for more equality", which is fine, but you have to realize that your moves towards "equality" come with certain costs. The world does not just bend to your will, nor can we ignore cause-and-effect relationships. If you want less US protection that is fine, but you have to realize that it comes with the cost of having to put up with headaches the US one bore for you alone.

Lastly, Yes Mr. Shin, I have had a few Koreans regard me as a true friend. And those true friends do not sit idly buy as their kin spit in my eye, nor do they spit in the other eye as a show of "brotherhood".


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