Saturday, January 07, 2006

Barriers to Biker Babes

An interesting little dispatch in the Chosun:

 A housewife and mother of two young sons has mounted a constitutional challenge against a clause banning motorcycles from freeways, arguing that it infringes on the right to equality and the pursuit of happiness. On Wednesday, Seo Jeong-hee hopped on her 1,800cc Honda VTX road bike and delivered her petition against Article 58 of the Roads and Transportation Law by hand to the Constitutional Court. The regulation was adopted to curb traffic accidents.

An additonal note on this I was told a while ago. I was once talking with a Harley-Davidson employee in Korea. He cited the law against bikes on highways as the number one hurdle to their business in Korea, and he says the US Government consideres it a Non-Tariff Barrier to imports. It will be interesting to see if others get involved in Ms. Seo's case.


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