Thursday, February 02, 2006

Um...does Coca-Cola know?

Interesting article about the trend of cross branding in Korea in the Joongang Ilbo. The headline caught my eye, and so did this passage:

Bean Pole, a clothing brand, last week launched "Coke-up Jeans," which uses Coca-Cola's logo as a motif. Bean Pole has also used Coca-Cola's classic red color by designing jeans with red stitches and a red label. Additionally, it has printed the shape of a coke bottle, considered one of the most outstanding designs in the 20th century, on t-shirts.

"Coke-up"? What the F! As I recall Coke is rather touchy not only of all those marks mentioned, but also of anything to do with linking its marks with Cocanie (for example see Coca-Cola vs. Gemini Rising). Makes me wonder if Bean Pole, owned by Samsung by the way, has licensed this.


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