Monday, July 10, 2006

The Joongang Immitates Dram Man

Combine all this with the anti-American sentiment in Korea these days and you have a potent and explosive mix. In fact if I were Roh Moo-Hyun I would be trying my damnedest to find a way out without looking like a bumbling idiot. “Lets see what to do…what to do…”

This gets me to the reason why Korea is making a big issue of Kaesong Industrial Complex (made in North Korea) being included into the FTA. They know that this will poison the talks, the US will give up, AND it allows them to take the moral highroad out. Korea does not have the change anything, gracefully allows them to back out, still they can be seen as for free trade, and panders to the anti-American part of the electorate to boot. Pretty neat trick!

Dram Man Blog June 4, 2006

If anti-FTA concerns get too strong, Kaesong and the "blood-brother" image it plays to could give Mr. Roh a graceful way to back out of the talks.

John Hoog, Joongang Ilbo English Editor July 6, 2006.

Johnny, I expect that royality check soon!


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