Friday, July 21, 2006

Rather Odd

The Yonhap has an interesting little story in the Korea Times. Apparently some Korean companies with "patents" are filing with the Korean Trade Commission in order to bar imports of products that violate those patent rights. What is odd is that the normal way to do such is to file with the Korean District Court for an injunction to bar importation. This works well, so I wonder why these companies are filing with the KTC.

So I looked into one of the compaines mentioned, Crezenn. Apparently the company does not have a patent as the Yonhap article says they only have pending patent applications as far as I can tell (They may have something in Korea, I cannot search the Korean database with my Mac. However I doubt it due to the timing). Not only that, the application is so new it has yet to be laid open for public review. So in other words, Crezenn is trying to enforce rights they do not actualy have yet and are nowhere close to getting. If the KTC follow though, this could get ugly in Korea awfully quick.


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