Monday, August 21, 2006

Fake Gift Certificates

For those of you who are not following it, Korea is currently imitating a scene from Casablanca where it is "Shocked" to find gambling going on in what they will freely refer to as "adult arcades". This little paragraph in the Dong-A caught my eye:

The number of counterfeit gift certificates has also greatly increased. According to police, last year only 413 counterfeit 5,000-won gift certificates were found, but this year, until late June, an amazing 49,138 forged gift certificates were discovered. Police consider that arcade owners seeking to cut costs in buying gift certificates used as prizes might be involved in the forgeries. As a matter of fact, since most of the gift certificates are cashed rather than used to purchase products, it is very likely that owners thought that even if forged the chances of being caught were very low.


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