Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Good reason to quit dieting

OK so I am supposed to be on a diet. First that is hard in Korea,
unless you eat Korean exclusively. Second it is doubly hard when you
are on the go so much like I am. So having a few minutes before my
train tonight at Seoul station, I head to the Bennigans attached to
the station for something diet friendly.

Halfway through the salad I was eating, two flies popped out of the
the pile of greens in front of me. I fought the urge to wretch, and
called over the waitress. I complained, she took away the food. I was
too horrified/sick to eat more of anything, so I patiently waited to
for the bill to pay for my diet coke and get going. I get the bill,
and see that once again I was given a taste of good old fashioned
Korean customer service, I was charged for diet coke, chicken salad,
and amazingly they did not charge me extra for the side of flies.

Scratching Bennigans off my list now.


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