Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Samsung to Korea Tourism Office "Drop Dead!"

Admist all the talk about if Korea is or is not boring, the Joongang got an interview with Kim Jong-min, the newish head of the Korean National Tourism Organization. Not a bad interview, but one comment was a stinker:

We are equipped with the world's best technologies in mobile handsets, automobiles, shipbuilding and water conversion facilities. A lot of foreigners consider those facts particularly appealing.

You know I cannot begin to tell you how many foreigners come to see the sewage plan-...er...I mean the "Water Conversion Facilities" of Korea. One of the greatest fallicies in the marketing of Korea I find is its reliance of wanting to prounce "See we are not a backwater! We got cell phones! And broadband Internet!" Crap like that does not make for an enjoyable vacation place.

The gem though is this line:

 Global companies like Samsung were reluctant [to co-brand] because their overseas brand recognition is far higher than the brand image of Korea.



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