Monday, August 07, 2006

Things get better for Korean Chip Companies

Its been a rather good week for Korean chip companies. There is the general business news from iSuppi via the Joongang:

Samsung Electronics Co., with a 28-percent global market share, led the market. The Korean chipmaker's revenue in the second quarter totaled $2.1 billion. 

Hynix Semiconductor, Inc. ranked third, with a market share of 15 percent after reporting revenue of $1.1 billion. Hynix has consistently been a DRAM heavyweight, posting the largest revenue growth — 22 percent. 

More importantly however is the recent US FTC ruling regarding Rambus and their anti-competitive actions in the memory chip standards market. While the aftermath of the the FTC ruling needs to be worked out (the FTC's royality compromise and possible Rambus appeal), this coupled with the recent victory by Hynix must be a big blow to the company.

If this indeed slayed the Rambus patent infringement lawsuits industry wide the prospects for Samsung and Hynix look even better (as well as the rest of the semicon companies).


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