Saturday, September 02, 2006

Actualy there is option "C"

I try to avoid most North Korean commentary here, but I chuckled at this quote from the Chosun:

Nam Sung-wook, a North Korea specialist at Korea University said the North is caught between a rock and a hard place. It can either continue to suffer the economic sanctions or go through with the test, which could spell the end for the regime. "If they proceed as they have in the past and go ahead with the nuclear test, they will have passed the point of no return,” he said. "They have to be prepared to be disavowed by South Korea and China."

Mr. Nam, what about choice "C", returning to the six-party talks and giving up there nukes? Why is that not an option? Second I am not so sure either South Korea or China would "disavow" North Korea in the event of a test. And that said, I would bet China would be more likely to do so than South Korea at this point. Just look at the logic of Mr. Nam, a famous North Korean specialist at Korea University, he is convinced the North has no other choice but to give a test. Why is it impossible to doubt that others in South Korea share this strangelove-ian sympathy.


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