Thursday, December 22, 2005

Solid Gold Dram_man

I went through my really old site the other day to pull out articles that others have said they liked and those I want to remember. Some notable posts saved:

Odd Insult
Slap on the wrist for Chester
response to Anti-Americanism
Hub of Northeast Fantasyland
Food Review - MRE
prostitution Statistics in Korea
Korean Stripper
Mexican Salad
American vs. Korean Attitudes
Korean Philosophy on White Collar Crime
Korean Food (Part I, Part II, Part IIIa, Part IIIb, Part IV, Photo Update, Mailbag, Footnote, Second Update)
My government in Action
Malthus Kim
That idiot Ben Afleck
Food shopping in Korea

Some of the links may be no good, also I apologize for some of the formatting being a bit off. I had some problems in cutting and pasting the HTML code, so some articles may look a bit funny. If I get around to it I may clean things up.


At December 24, 2005 5:04 PM, Anonymous Brian said...

The "Mexican Salad" one was a favorite of mine. I can imagine all the ajummas frantically scribbling out the recipe...

THough, to be fair, who's the idiot in America who thought they could pass off tater-tots as Mexi-fries?


At December 24, 2005 5:12 PM, Blogger Dram Man said...


Looking back something I do not think I adequately mentioned was the guy did it so fast, wihtout any explination that either he did not have an exact recipe or did not want to divulge it exactly.

At December 24, 2005 10:15 PM, Anonymous Brian said...

Speaking of "Mexican" Salad... here's the recipe for a Taco Salad I made tonight. It turned out really well...



1 lb ground beef
1 envelope taco seasoning
1 10 oz. can kidney beans
1 c. grape tomatoes, halved
1 head lettuce, shredded
1 12 oz pkg. shredded cheddar cheese
1 12 oz bag nacho cheese flavored Doritos, crushed
1 16 oz. bottle Italian salad dressing

Brown ground beeef and add taco seasoning. Simmer according
to directions. Place in large bowl and refrigerate until
cool. Add beans, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and Doritos.
Mix well.

Cover with salad dressing. Mix again. Serve almost


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