Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I hope Math Department was not involved

The Dong-A has an interesting round up of the results from the first essay exams used for the college entrance exams. Most of the observations are unsurprising for a seasoned observer, particularly the "sameness" of the essays of those who relied on cramming schools. However I have big problem with this subhead:

Score Distribution is Diamond-Shaped

This term "Diamond Shaped" is used repeatedly in the article. Now I took a fair amount of statistics for my Economics degree, and I have yet to hear of a "Diamond Shaped" distribution. I sure hope the math department was not involved in the grading.

Finally if you want to test yourself, check out this sample:

  This year’s Hanyang University essay topic for Liberal Arts College was “The Identity of Humans in the Future World and Mutual Relationship between Men and Machines.” Many applicants wrote such as “The difference between animals and humans is emotion,” or, “Robots can feel neither friendship nor love.”

Do  you think students got extra credit for using "paradigm", "ubiquitous", or "blue ocean strategy"?


At January 25, 2006 7:22 AM, Blogger lythewish said...

Apologies for the intrusion. I liked your entry.
abi ot stean utwor kte i ansi le bo irn
A wonderful day to you.


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