Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Korean Logos

I am still on the fence on what to think of Choe Yong-shik, an advertising critic that writes for the Korea Times. I can agree with his logic, but disagree with his argument. Recently he had large article talking about the new crops of Cheabol logos and their creation. He aptly points out part of the problem is that these companies want their brand to be everything to everybody.

However, what I think is notable, all these slogans would not be as damaging as long as the companies' butts can cash the checks their brands write. Perhaps the real problem is not only a lack of focus in the branding, but also a lack of business focus. If they had a more properly defined product set, the brand takes care of itself. Much can be said in this regard for the McDonand's logo. By itself it does not mean much, nor does the company invent over-wrought fantasy explanations like SK does. However, everyone knows what the arches mean with their limited product set.

Then again, you have a very focused company in KT&G with the puzzling tragic branding campaign of "Korea Tomorrow and Global". Like I said I am on the fence.


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