Saturday, January 07, 2006

Intel's new Korean outlook

One of the more under reported stories in Korea in many ways is that of Eric Kim. It is odd, considering how often Korea's press likes to pump up Korean-Americans as if they were their own. Perhaps one reason why Kim is pushed to side, is because of a bit of dirty little secret within Samsung. Simply, if anybody had anything to do with Samsungs emergence of as a global brand it was Eric Kim, not the pitful grandstanding nepotist Lee Kun-hee, CEO of Samsung Electronics.

Thankfuly Eric has gone off to greener pastures and has become the cheif marekting guru for Intel. Eric is in the middle of Intel's broad, and in my opinion quite good, re-branding effort. This includes a new logo and a new slogan ("Leap Ahead").

Eric and Intel are not turning their back on the Korean market. In a move that I was supried Intel was not all over to beging with, Intel is launching a chain of PC Bangs (Internet Cafe's) around Korea using very high-end equipment. 


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